Peak Performance

Peak Performance, a local fitness and wellness center, asked us to produce a short video highlighting their four main pillars: physical therapy, performance training, whole health nutrition, and mindset coaching. This is the video we produced for them (2:00):

Survivorship NOW

Survivorship NOW’s mission is to help bridge the gap in support for cancer survivors between treatment and recovery. They create opportunities for wellness programs, education, camaraderie, and support.  YUM Productions was asked to make a video that showed what they do and how they help cancer survivors.

This is the video we made for them (5:21):

Redcord with Kristina Marcussen

Kristina Marcussen, a physical therapist using a specialized therapy and training system called Redcord, approached us for a video to help her attract more customers. We wanted to make something compelling that drew on Redcord’s effectiveness as a physical therapy and training tool. Here’s the video we produced (4:07):

Dragonheart Vermont: An Inspirational Team Video

In September, 2013 we went to Lake Mercer in New Jersey for the US Dragon Boat Federation’s annual national championships. After reviewing the footage from the championships, we noticed that we had enough material to use as a short inspirational video for Dragonheart Vermont. So we picked some of the best shots, added an original musical soundtrack (yes, we compose our own music), and put the whole thing together as an inspirational video for the team. Here it is below (5:56):